Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: January 2015

Dr. Manny: How the Fisher Center is leading the search in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease
To me, the greatest significance of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is that it supports one of the…
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A Few Cups of Coffee a Day May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk
Moderate coffee consumption may be good for the brain. Those are the conclusions of a review of the evidence that…
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Early Alzheimer’s May Involve More Than Just Memory Loss
Depression, anxiety, irritability and changes in appetite are among the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and may occur even before…
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Promising Drug, Gantenerumab, Fails to Prevent Alzheimer’s Onset
A promising investigational drug called gantenerumab failed to stem the slide into Alzheimer’s for people at high risk of developing…
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Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research launches dynamic new online platform
Award-winning MRM//McCann Completes Pro Bono Redesign of ALZinfo.org NEW YORK, January 20, 2015: The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation…
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Brain Scans Move Closer to Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
Using a modified 3-D brain scan technique called magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, researchers are moving closer to detecting Alzheimer’s…
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Sleep Hormone Linked to Alzheimer’s Progression
People with Alzheimer’s disease often have sleep problems. Now scientists may know one reason why. Italian researchers found that people…
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Anxiety May Speed Progression to Alzheimer’s
High levels of anxiety may speed progression to Alzheimer’s disease in people with mild cognitive impairment, a form of memory…
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