Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: March 2014

The Serious Toll of Alzheimer’s
A new report suggests that Alzheimer’s disease may kill far more people than previously thought, making it one of the…
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Alzheimer’s and the Hygiene Hypothesis
Can all our efforts at cleanliness and fighting germs be contributing to the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s? A new study…
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Buddy Programs Pair Medical Students with People with Alzheimer’s
Programs that pair medical students with people with Alzheimer’s are gaining popularity at medical schools across the country. By allowing…
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High Blood Sugar Is Linked to Dementia
High blood sugar levels, a precursor of diabetes, were tied to an increased risk of dementia in older men and…
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Managing a Difficult Hospital Stay
For many people, a visit to the hospital is stressful. For someone with Alzheimer’s disease, it can be frightening. It’s…
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To Diagnose or Not To Diagnose
Common Questions about Finding Answers When Arizona resident Susan Christianson’s* memory lapses went from annoying to concerning, she and her…
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Judy Collins
The Power of Music For more than fifty years, Judy Collins has wooed the world with hits such as “Both…
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Handling Difficult Emotions
Coping with emotional outbursts in Alzheimer’s patients Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s can be difficult. And when the person…
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Alzheimer’s Challenges at the End of the Day People with dementia often have certain problems when it gets dark at…
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Keep Stress at Bay
Stress is a big problem facing most caregivers, especially when Alzheimer’s disease is in the picture. Here’s how to keep
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