Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: September 2011

Diabetes Increases Dementia Risk, But Treatments Are Limited
Two new studies highlight the connections between diabetes and dementia. One adds to a growing body of evidence that diabetes,…
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Looking to the Kitchen for an Alzheimer’s Cure
Coffee, broccoli and cinnamon are among the common foods that scientists are investigating in search of new treatments for Alzheimer’s…
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Insulin Squirt Helps People With Early Alzheimer’s
An intriguing early report found that a squirt of insulin deep into the nose helped ease the symptoms of early…
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Even Moderate Exercise Is Good for the Brain
Want to keep the mind and memory humming? A brisk 30-minute daily walk may help to minimize the mental decline…
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PET Scans Help to Identify Alzheimer’s Early
Scientists continue to make advances in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, using advanced brain scans and special dyes to detect the…
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Spinal Tap May Help Detect Alzheimer’s Early
A protein found in the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord may help detect Alzheimer’s at an early…
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