Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: August 2011

We Need to Prepare for Aging Population
There’s no escaping it: We are getting older as a nation. In 2011, the first of the Baby Boomers reach…
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Always smiling as usual
Diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 50 Norman thought his world had come to an end.…
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Web-Savvy Caregiving
Individuals and families coping with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other forms of memory loss have a lot of questions. What’s…
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Are We There Yet?
So you and your family have decided to take a trip— and one of your travel companions has Alzheimer’s disease…
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The Latest News on Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Health
Cellular Skeleton Collapse May Be Alzheimer’s Precursor Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, have uncovered a key finding…
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What you Should Know About Testing for Alzheimer’s Disease – New Guidelines
Many people worry about getting Alzheimer’s, particularly if a parent or sibling suffers from the disease. But is it a…
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Brain Scans Move Closer to Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Early
Two new studies show how scientists are increasingly using brain scans to diagnose Alzheimer’s at an early stage, years before…
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High Doses of Alzheimer’s Drug Should Be Avoided, Advocacy Group Says
High doses of the Alzheimer’s drug Aricept should be avoided by some Alzheimer’s patients because of the risk of potentially…
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The Growing Alzheimer’s Family
One in eight older Americans, or some 5.4 million people, has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. And nearly…
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Being Good to Your Heart May Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s
Increasingly, doctors recognize that diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol – the same factors that put you at risk…
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How Mild Cognitive Impairment Affects Day-to-Day Living
People with Alzheimer’s disease often have trouble remembering things like important dates or whether they took their medications, a problem…
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