Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: May 2010

Health Care Reform Brings New Options for Alzheimer’s Care
The new health care reform bill has a provision, known as the CLASS Act, for Community Living Assistance for Services and Supports Plan, that may provide help to families affected by Alzheimer’s disease by creating a nationwide voluntary insurance program to provide long-term care services and support to families affected by long-term ailments, including Alzheimer’s.
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CRP Is Linked to Inflammation and Thinking Problems
May 28, 2010 A blood protein commonly associated with heart disease and inflammation is also linked to problems with thinking,…
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Feeling Like Your Life Has Purpose May Protect Against Alzheimer’s
Men and women who have a great sense of purpose in their lives appear to be less likely to develop Alzheimer's in old age...
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Antibiotic Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer’s
May 3, 2010 An antibiotic called rapamycin, currently used to suppress the immune system in people who receive organ transplants,…
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