Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: November 2009

Thinking Problems May Occur Long Before Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s
Problems with thinking and visual perception may occur years before the memory loss of Alzheimer's disease becomes apparent...
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Problems Balancing the Checkbook May Signal Early Alzheimer’s
Whether it's counting coins, paying bills or balancing the checkbook, money matters are a challenge for anyone with Alzheimer's disease. Problems handling finances are also often an early warning sign for onset of the illness, new research finds.
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Mediterranean Diet and Exercise May Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s
Various studies suggest that a heart-healthy Mediterranean style diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and low in meat, may lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease...
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Infections May Hasten Decline of Alzheimer’s
Colds and other infections may hasten the decline in memory and thinking skills in people with Alzheimer's disease, researchers report...
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High Blood Pressure Linked to Memory Problems in Midlife
High blood pressure was linked to memory and thinking problems in people over 45, according to findings from a large study, possibly setting the stage for problems like Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia later in life...
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Moderate Drinking May Cut Alzheimer’s Risk
Men and women who drink moderately may have a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia than those who abstain from alcohol altogether...
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