Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: May 2009

Art Therapy for Alzheimer’s
Museums across the country are reaching out to people with Alzheimer's in order to bring the soothing power of art into the minds of those tackling dementia.
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Unraveling the Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease
Researchers continue to explore the link between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, and two recent studies provide new clues about the connection between the two diseases...
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The High Costs of Alzheimer’s
Caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease costs more than three times what it does for the average older person...
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More States Adopting Silver Alert Systems
A growing number of states are adopting Silver Alert programs, an alert system that helps locate seniors with Alzheimer's disease who become lost...
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Shrinking Hippocampus Signals Early Alzheimer’s
People who have lost brain cells in the hippocampus area of the brain are more likely to develop dementia, researchers report.
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