Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: January 2008

Unraveling the Anatomy of ‘Senior Moments’
Memory lapses of normal advancing age may be due to communications breakdowns within the brain in otherwise healthy older adults. Cognitive decline and brain problems may occur even in the absence of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia that ravage the brain more severely.
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Popular Drugs May Have Little Benefit in Aggression of Alzheimer’s
Antipsychotic medications, like like Haldol and Risperdal, commonly given in nursing homes to fight agitation in people with Alzheimer's may do little to curb aggressive behaviors in patients with impaired intellectual abilities.
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Want to Keep the Memory Sharp? Try Walking
Seniors who walked regularly had a lower risk of dementia.
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Mentally Stimulating Leisure Activities May Ward Off Alzheimer’s
Reading and crossword puzzles may build up cognitive reserve.
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New Year’s Resolutions for a Brain-Healthy 2008
Here's a roundup of some of the recent research, along with some simple ways to help keep your thinking sharp into 2008, and well beyond.
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Exploring the Link Between Parkinson’s and Dementia
Relatives of someone with Parkinson's were found to be at increased risk for dementia.
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