Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: May 2007

A Drink A Day To Keep Alzheimer’s Away
Imbibing a daily glass or wine or other alcoholic drink may slow the progression to Alzheimer's disease in people with mild cognitive impairment, a new study reports.
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Brain Scans Identify Abnormal Protein Deposits in People with Memory Problems
Brain scans of people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a form of memory loss that sometimes progresses to Alzheimer's disease, show brain defects similar to those of early Alzheimer's disease...
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Common Pain Relievers Do Not Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Popular pain and inflammation fighters like aspirin and Aleve, promoted by some as a possible preventive against Alzheimer's disease, did nothing to stave off dementia or memory loss in those who took them...
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Estrogen Use Before Age 65 Linked to Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk
Women who use hormone therapy before the age of 65 could cut their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a new report shows...
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Secondhand Smoke Increases Risk of Dementia
Researchers report that long-term exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, a problem for millions of people who live or work with a smoker, increases the risk of developing dementia.
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