Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: August 2005

Signs of Alzheimer’s May Be Present 10 Years Before Diagnosis
Subtle mental deficits appeared in seniors long before Alzheimer's became apparent.
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The Latest on Folic Acid and Alzheimer’s Prevention
Getting enough folic acid, may help ward off Alzheimer's in old age.
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Some Alzheimer’s Drugs Carry Serious Risks
April 12, 2005 Many popular medications prescribed for agitation, behavioral disturbances, and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease carry serious risks,…
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High Insulin Levels Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
Elevated levels of insulin may lead to inflammation and play a role in the onset of Alzheimer's.
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Fisher Center Scientists Probe the Root Cause of Alzheimer’s
Connections between nerve cells in the brain may play a key role in Alzheimer's development.
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Poor Vision a Concern for People with Alzheimer’s
One in three nursing home residents with Alzheimer's disease who need eyeglasses don't have the right glasses and can't see clearly, a new study reports.
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