Posted on October 24, 2012 by

And Yet the Fight Goes On

Many answers to questions are sought,
Yet Dementia continues, not yet caught,
And yet the fight goes on

Voices, images, inside my head,
From people both alive and dead,
Darkness falling is something I dread,
And yet the fight goes on

Memories fading, hot tears fall,
Eyes weary looking at an unclimbed wall,
Dementia awaits my untimely fall
And yet the fight goes on,

Every day is a faltering start,
Each family member, a breaking heart,
Forever dreading the day we part,
And yet the fight goes on,

So will come the day when I say my goodbye`s,
No more tears, no more cry’s
Within my heart, each one of you will lie,
The fight MUST carry on


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