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Memory Loss

What is Memory Loss? Memory loss is unusual forgetfulness that can be caused by brain damage due to disease or injury, or it can be caused by severe emotional trauma. Possible Causes of Memory Loss: Aging Alzheimer’s disease Other forms … Continue reading

Funeral Planning

The Benefits of Pre-planning: Peace of mind is the number one reason that most people choose to pre-plan. There are also many other benefits you may want to consider: more time and a clearer perspective, receiving family input, avoiding family … Continue reading

What are the Goals of Alzheimer’s Treatment?

The primary goals of treatment for Alzheimer’s are to improve the quality of life for the person suffering and for his or her caregiver(s). Treatment typically comprises three interrelated approaches: 1.) Slowing the progression: Treatment in most cases will involve … Continue reading

Worries About Memory May Signal Later Alzheimer’s Disease

July 1, 2010 Elderly men and women who are worried about memory loss are more likely to develop more serious memory and thinking problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, than their age-matched peers without memory problems, a new study reports. The findings … Continue reading

Knowing Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

Would you want to know your risk for Alzheimer’s disease? New genetic tests make it possible to learn if you carry a gene that make you susceptible to developing severe memory loss and problems with thinking in old age. Continue reading

Heart Rhythm Disorder Linked to Alzheimer’s

Men and women with a heart rhythm problem called atrial fibrillation are at increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease… Continue reading

Outgoing, Relaxed People May Be Less Likely to Get Alzheimer’s

People who are socially engaged and can easily brush off stress may be at reduced risk for Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Writing May Ease the Stress of Caring for Alzheimer’s

Expressing thoughts and feelings may help caregivers to make sense of a difficult situation. Continue reading

Counseling Helps Alzheimer’s Caregivers Stay Healthy

Counseling and support is not just good for easing stress in those who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. It may also boost physical health as well… Continue reading

Stress-Prone People More Likely to Develop Memory Problems

People who are easily distressed or flustered and who are prone to emotions such as anxiety and depression are more likely to develop memory problems as they age than more easygoing people, according to a new study. Continue reading