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Old, Frail and at Risk for Alzheimer’s

Frailty in old age may be related to Alzheimer’s disease… Continue reading

Exploring the Link Between Depression and Early Alzheimer’s

A growing body of evidence suggests that a pattern of depression, even decades earlier, may up the risk for developing Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Are You Conscientious? You May Be Less Likely to Get Alzheimer’s

Discipline and purpose may be markers for a dementia-resistant brain. Continue reading

Exploring the Link Between Body Weight and Alzheimer’s

Carrying excess weight has been linked to a variety of chronic ailments, including heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Being overweight in middle age has also been linked to an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease late in life… Continue reading

Poor Scent Detection May Signal Early Alzheimer’s

An inability to detect common odors may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers report. Continue reading

Stress-Prone People More Likely to Develop Memory Problems

People who are easily distressed or flustered and who are prone to emotions such as anxiety and depression are more likely to develop memory problems as they age than more easygoing people, according to a new study. Continue reading

Loneliness Linked to Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

People who feel lonely may be twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in their later years as those who feel they have a close network of friends and family… Continue reading

“Good” Fats in Fish May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

DHA, a natural substance found in fish, was linked to a lower risk of dementia. Continue reading

Eat Your Veggies to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Vegetables, but not fruit, helped fight memory problems in old age. Continue reading

Weight Loss May Be an Early Sign of Alzheimer’s

Unexplained weight loss may occur year before memory fades. Continue reading