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Regular Exercise and Resistance Training Are Good for the Brain

Ongoing physical activity has been linked to a longer life and all kinds of benefits for the body, including less heart disease, fewer falls and broken bones, greater lung function and a trimmer physique… Continue reading

Strong Muscles May Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s in Old Age

Older adults who maintain their muscle strength are at lower risk of memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease than those who are weaker, a new study shows… Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet and Exercise May Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Various studies suggest that a heart-healthy Mediterranean style diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and low in meat, may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease… Continue reading

Aiding Alzheimer’s With the Wii Video Game

The Wii video game has proven a popular way for young and old to get a mild workout and enjoy some time with friends and family. It may also be a useful aid for people with Alzheimer’s as well. Continue reading

Exercise Helps Ward Off Memory Problems in Old Age

Want to keep the mind sharp into old age? Walking and other forms of modest and regular exercise may help, a new study shows. Continue reading