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Doing Crossword Puzzles May Help Delay Alzheimer’s Onset

A new study adds to a growing body of evidence that mentally challenging activities like word games, playing cards, reading and writing may delay the rapid memory loss that occurs with Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading

Good Cholesterol Linked to Better Memory

Keeping cholesterol under control limits the risk of heart disease, now, research shows that HDL, the so-called good form of cholesterol, may also be good for the memory.
Continue reading

Writing May Ease the Stress of Caring for Alzheimer’s

Expressing thoughts and feelings may help caregivers to make sense of a difficult situation. Continue reading

An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis May Bring Relief

There may be multiple benefits for those with dementia to getting a diagnosis. Continue reading

Brain Health Improving in Seniors, But Alzheimer’s Still a Top Concern

Memory loss and thinking problems are becoming less common among older Americans, according to a new national survey of seniors aged 70 and older…seniors today tend to be more physically fit and suffer from less disability than earlier generations Continue reading

Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Moves One Step Closer

Markers in the blood may signal dementia two to six years before debilitating memory loss. Continue reading

Teaching the Person with Alzheimer’s Disease

Some simple mental exercises may improve skills in those with early Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Cancer-Alzheimer’s Link to Be Explored

New government funding has been approved to probe the links between cancer and Alzheimer’s disease… Continue reading

HRT Boosts Alzheimer’s Risk

New reports raise fresh concerns about a popular hormone replacement therapy. Continue reading