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Fish, Fruits and Veggies Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s

A varied diet high in heart-healthy fats is good for the brain. Continue reading

Ovary Removal Can Take a Toll on Memory in Younger Women

Women who have their ovaries removed before menopause are at an increased risk of developing memory problems or dementia down the road. Continue reading

Stress-Prone People More Likely to Develop Memory Problems

People who are easily distressed or flustered and who are prone to emotions such as anxiety and depression are more likely to develop memory problems as they age than more easygoing people, according to a new study. Continue reading

Weight Loss May Signal Early Alzheimer’s

Dropping pounds may be an early sign of dementia. Continue reading

To Drive or Not to Drive: A Dilemma for Those with Alzheimer’s

Those with mild dementia may or may not be competent to drive. Continue reading

Blood Pressure Drop May Herald Alzheimer’s

A large drop in blood pressure may signal dementia in seniors. Continue reading

A Simple Word Test May Aid Doctors in Alzheimer’s Care

How well someone with Alzheimer’s pronounces words may provide important clues to their mental function. Continue reading

Heavy Social Drinking Damages the Brain

People who drink socially, but a lot, may show long-term damage to memory and other skills. Continue reading

Study Links a Common B Vitamin to Poor Memory in Seniors

A lack of vitamin B-12 may be a risk factor for failing memory. Continue reading

Smoking Is Bad for Your Brain, Too

Mental decline joins the list of many ills related to cigarettes. Continue reading