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Regular Exercise and Resistance Training Are Good for the Brain

Ongoing physical activity has been linked to a longer life and all kinds of benefits for the body, including less heart disease, fewer falls and broken bones, greater lung function and a trimmer physique. Now, two new studies provide further … Continue reading

What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Mild Cognitive Impairment, or MCI, is increasingly being used to describe a syndrome of memory impairment that does NOT significantly impact daily activities and is not accompanied by declines in overall cognitive function. Researchers have found that 6 percent to … Continue reading

Worries About Memory May Signal Later Alzheimer’s Disease

July 1, 2010 Elderly men and women who are worried about memory loss are more likely to develop more serious memory and thinking problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, than their age-matched peers without memory problems, a new study reports. The findings … Continue reading

Memory Decline May Be Rapid Before Alzheimer’s Onset

A rapid decline in thinking and memory skills often heralds the onset of Alzheimer’s disease Continue reading

Whites and Blacks With Alzheimer’s Equally Likely to Die Prematurely

People with Alzheimer’s disease tend to die earlier than their mentally intact, age-matched peers. Both whites and blacks seem to be equally affected… Continue reading

HRT Boosts Alzheimer’s Risk

New reports raise fresh concerns about a popular hormone replacement therapy. Continue reading