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Hope for an Alzheimer’s Vaccine

Researchers in Japan report that an experimental vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease proved safe and effective in mice. Continue reading

In Search of an Alzheimer’s Cure

A cure for Alzheimer’s disease remains a holy grail for a growing number of scientists and medical researchers around the globe, including those funded by The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Then and Now: 100 Years of Providing Care for Those in Need

Management of Alzheimer’s has progressed in the last century, though the search for a cure continues. Continue reading

Computer “Games” Provide Mental Edge in People with Alzheimer’s

Stimulating Internet-based program provided a boost to those taking Alzheimer’s medicines. Continue reading

“Good” Fats in Fish May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

DHA, a natural substance found in fish, was linked to a lower risk of dementia. Continue reading

Weight Loss May Be an Early Sign of Alzheimer’s

Unexplained weight loss may occur year before memory fades. Continue reading

Shedding Pounds May Be An Early Indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease

Seniors who lost the most weight were more likely to develop dementia. Continue reading

Three New Studies Aimed at Alzheimer’s Caregivers

New York University School of Medicine is currently recruiting participants. Continue reading

Study Offers Hope for Reversing Memory Loss of Alzheimer’s

Findings may lead to new treatments to revitalize the brain. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s May Preserve Certain Memory Skills

Understanding unique features of the illness could help ease the burden of care. Continue reading