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A Walk in the Park

By Tiffani Hill-Patterson By now, everyone knows the health benefits of walking: improved cardiovascular function, weight loss, bone building, stress reduction. But did you know that taking a walk outside offers even more rewards? Numerous studies show that getting outdoors … Continue reading

Spinal Fluid Test Can Predict Early Alzheimer’s

A test that measures proteins in the spinal fluid was accurate in detecting which people with memory problems would go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease. The findings could lead to a safe and accurate way to test for Alzheimer’s disease … Continue reading

New Alzheimer’s Brain Dye Shows Promise for Early Diagnosis

A novel radioactive dye shows promise in detecting early brain changes in people with Alzheimer’s and could offer a new tool for diagnosing the disease at an early stage, when treatment may be most effective. The compound may also prove … Continue reading

Drug Facts: Aricept (donepezil)

Generic name: donepezil Description Sold as 5 mg (white) and 10 mg (yellow) round tablets. Why It’s Prescribed To ease the symptoms of early Alzheimer’s. Improves, maintains, or slows the decline in thinking skills and overall ability to perform daily … Continue reading

Drug Facts: Razadyne, Reminyl (galantamine)

Generic name: galantamine Description Comes in 4 mg (white), 8 mg (pink) and 12 mg (brown-orange) tablets. Also available as a liquid for those who cannot swallow tablets. Why It’s Prescribed To ease the symptoms of early Alzheimer’s. May improve, … Continue reading

Imaging Test May Predict Progression to Alzheimer’s

An imaging agent called Pittsburgh compound B may allow doctors to detect Alzheimer’s at very early stages, before memory loss and other symptoms become evident… Continue reading

Thinking Problems May Occur Long Before Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s

Problems with thinking and visual perception may occur years before the memory loss of Alzheimer’s disease becomes apparent… Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Drug PBT2 Shows Promise in Early Testing

Men and women with early Alzheimer’s disease showed modest benefits from PBT2, an experimental drug now in mid-stage testing. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Compound B Visualizes Alzheimer’s in the Living Brain

An imaging agent developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that attaches to brain areas damaged by Alzheimer’s disease may allow doctors to diagnose Alzheimer’s at an earlier stage. Continue reading

An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis May Bring Relief

There may be multiple benefits for those with dementia to getting a diagnosis. Continue reading