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Little People, Little Miracles

There is a kind of magic that happens when we bring young children and elders together. These two generations seem to understand each other. This is not to say that older people are child like, rather it is that both … Continue reading

A Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease: Now What?

By: www.ALZinfo.org When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, many questions come to mind. First is the question “Is there a cure?” Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are drugs that may improve or … Continue reading

A Tough Kind of Love

(Caregiving Hardships & Driving) Personally watching a loved one dissolve in front of your eyes is one of the hardest undertakings a caregiver must endure. After being at my father’s side, observing the disheartening deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s, I can … Continue reading

Friends and Family May Be the Best Detectors of Early Alzheimer’s

Family members and friends may be better judges of early Alzheimer’s disease than standard memory tests, a new study reports. The results could help doctors diagnose suspected Alzheimer’s at an earlier stage, when treatment may be more effective and families … Continue reading

Depression Increases the Risk of Alzheimer’s

One of the largest and longest studies to date shows that being depressed increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia later in life by 50 percent. The study, part of the large and ongoing Framingham Heart … Continue reading

What should I look for in a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

Choosing benefits and understanding reimbursement: Long-term care insurance policies work like any insurance policy: you pay a premium, which is based on your age when you apply and is projected to stay the same year after year, and in return … Continue reading

About Me and My Alzheimer’s

Hello, this is my most recent account of how I first found out how I was suffering from Alzheimer`s (The early onset of) and how it has affected my day to day living and how its deteriorated since despite the … Continue reading

Home Modification

Home Modification Tips If you decide to have your Alzheimer’s-afflicted loved one continue to live at home, it is important to consider certain safety modifications. Adaptations such as those in the following list can ease the burden on the caregiver … Continue reading

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities, care for individuals who require 24-hour nursing supervision. There are two types of care provided in nursing homes: Skilled Care (also known as “sub-acute” or “Medicare occupancy”) Long-Term Care (also known as … Continue reading

Useful Definitions

Here are definitions for some common terms used in clinical trials. Placebo: A placebo (sometimes called a “sugar pill”) is an inactive pill, liquid, or powder that has no treatment value. In clinical trials, experimental treatments are often compared with … Continue reading