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Rocky Roads Aren’t All Bad

I got home from my Japanese class today to discover Jeff wearing a buttondown shirt (buttons askew, naturally) instead of the new sage green sweatshirt I’d helped him pull over his head after his shower. Daughter Becca, who had the … Continue reading

New Drugs for Alzheimer’s Work in Novel Ways

By: www.ALZinfo.org A new class of drugs called gamma-secretase modulators works to reduce the buildup of toxic proteins in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, giving doctors hope that these medications may offer effective new treatments for the devastating … Continue reading

Aftereffects of Caregiving

Unfortunately, the chronic stress of caregiving isn’t over when it’s over. After caring for someone you love for many years, you lose parts of your life that can take years to recover, if ever. Certain side-effects tend to linger on. … Continue reading

We Chug Along…

Excuse me Fisher readers… you’ve caught me at a bit of a vulnerable juncture. This morning when I stepped on the elliptical trainer (the one occupying an awkward 35º angle behind the family room couch, so Jeff can use it … Continue reading

Anchors Aweigh

It is 7:30pm and Jeff is in bed. This is a condition which may or may not last until I join him myself in a couple of hours. Despite all the static that’s garbled the lines of communication along our … Continue reading

How to Assemble a Caregiving Team

By Winnie Yu Whether it’s driving mom to the doctor, doing dad’s laundry, or providing 24/7 care to an aging relative, many Americans these days are familiar with the rigors of caring for a loved one. According to the Family … Continue reading

A Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease: Now What?

By: www.ALZinfo.org When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, many questions come to mind. First is the question “Is there a cure?” Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are drugs that may improve or … Continue reading

What to Expect When You’re Caregiving

Anyone who has cared for a loved one with Alzheimer’s knows just how stressful and unpredictable the experience can be. Yet most people who care for a family member with the disease have little preparation or experience when they begin … Continue reading

The Sleepless Caregiver

One of the most difficult things about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, is never really getting a good night’s sleep. Have you ever heard the expression, “sleeping with one eye open?” Well, it isn’t a easy thing to accomplish but, … Continue reading

Dwindling Social Circle

Every caregiver will experience a dwindling effect on their social life. Through my own school of hard knocks, I can tell you how my telephone practically stopped ringing. I was at the point where I was about to call “Ma … Continue reading