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A Heart-Healthy Diet That’s Good for the Brain

Nutrition scientists continue to extol the virtues of a Mediterranean diet, the traditional diet from Italy, Greece and other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. The diet, high in fruits and vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil, along with … Continue reading

In Search of an Alzheimer’s Cure

By Toby Bilanow With over 5.3 million Americans currently suffering from Alzheimer’s, an effective treatment is needed more than ever. In Search of an Alzheimer’s Cure A cure for Alzheimer’s disease remains a holy grail for a growing number of … Continue reading

Clinical Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

By Dr. Barry Reisberg Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a characteristic process with readily identifiable clinical stages. These clinical stages exist in a continuum with normal aging processes. The clinical stages of AD can be described in alternative ways. For example, … Continue reading

Foods Rich in Vitamin E May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

Antioxidants, those cell-protecting nutrients found in foods and dietary supplements and also produced naturally in the body, have been studied extensively for their possible benefits in protecting against heart disease, cancer and other major ills. Now a new study finds … Continue reading


Cell November 14, 2008 Full PDF: Click Here Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Research In the November 14, 2008 issue of the journal Cell, researchers at the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research at The Rockefeller University report a breakthrough in cellular analysis … Continue reading

Vitamin D May Be Good for the Brain

Vitamin D, sometimes called the sunshine vitamin because the body makes it upon exposure to sunlight, may help protect the brain against the ravages of dementia… Continue reading

Writing May Ease the Stress of Caring for Alzheimer’s

Expressing thoughts and feelings may help caregivers to make sense of a difficult situation. Continue reading

Beta Carotene May Help Keep the Brain Young

A large new study points to potential benefits from long-term use of beta-carotene supplements. Continue reading

A Brain-Boosting Diet that Also Prolongs Life

A Mediterranean diet may help people with Alzheimer’s live longer. Continue reading

A Dash of Spice to Fight Alzheimer’s

Turmeric, the main ingredient in curry spice, may contain an immune-boosting substance that helps protect the brain against Alzheimer’s, researchers report. Continue reading