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Food: Vitamin D and Your Brain

Vitamin D and Your Brain Forgot where you placed your keys? Can’t remember your new neighbor’s name? Wondering where you parked your car? If memory lapses have you fretting about your brain health, you may need more vitamin D. A … Continue reading

Fitness: Take Care of Your Core

Take Care of Your Core Your abdominal, chest, and back muscles are the “core” of your body’s physical health. By Selby Bateman For most caregivers, a typical day can include plenty of physical activities—lifting, stretching, carrying, walking, climbing steps, driving … Continue reading

News Briefs: Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Health

News on Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Health   U.S. Lagging Behind in Alzheimer’s Support A report from the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging found that among five nations, the U.S. is falling behind in supporting the growing number of … Continue reading

Content Articles – Preserving Your Memory, Spring 2013

  Continue reading from Preserving Your Memory magazine, spring 2013… News Briefs: Read the latest news on Alzheimer’s disease and brain health.   Caregiver Voices: A caregiver shares her heart in verse.   Fitness: Learn some simple exercises to strengthen … Continue reading

Clothes Encounters

Here are some simple solutions for dealing with your loved one’s dressing and wardrobe needs. By Jennifer Sellers Picture a woman who is a serious clotheshorse. She spends a great deal of time building her wardrobe, finding just the right … Continue reading

Reaching Out to Caregivers

A new book aims to help dementia caregivers connect with their loved ones—in sometimes surprising ways. By Sam Gaines Caregiving for a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be fraught with frustration, but it also can be rewarding in … Continue reading

The First Rule on Second Opinions

The First Rule on Second Opinions: They’re Always Worth Considering in the Wake of a Serious Diagnosis By Mary Adam Thomas “Frontotemporal dementia is often misdiagnosed as a psychiatric problem or as Alzheimer’s disease.” —The Mayo Clinic “Lewy body dementia’s … Continue reading

Hitting the Target

Hitting the Target: Researchers Take Aim to Find a Drug Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease. The latest clinical studies investigate different paths to a cure. By Kevin Gault There is no drug that can cure Alzheimer’s disease, but there are reasons … Continue reading

Common Errors in Long-Term Care Planning

By Bernard A. Krooks, Certified Elder Law Attorney During our discussions with clients, we learn about many misconceptions they have and previous errors they have made in their long-term care planning. I would like to share a few of those … Continue reading

The Growing Alzheimer’s Family

One in eight older Americans, or some 5.4 million people, has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. And nearly 15 million family members and others are providing unpaid care for them. That means more than 20 million Americans either … Continue reading