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People With Dementia Have Shortened Life Expectancies

Survival times may vary widely. Continue reading

Popular Drugs May Have Little Benefit in Aggression of Alzheimer’s

Antipsychotic medications, like like Haldol and Risperdal, commonly given in nursing homes to fight agitation in people with Alzheimer’s may do little to curb aggressive behaviors in patients with impaired intellectual abilities. Continue reading

Aricept Proves Ineffective for the Agitation of Alzheimer’s

Aricept, a drug commonly prescribed to treat cognitive decline in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s, proved no more effective than a placebo for easing agitation, restlessness, and other behavioral symptoms of the disease. Continue reading

Counseling Helps Alzheimer’s Caregivers Stay Healthy

Counseling and support is not just good for easing stress in those who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. It may also boost physical health as well… Continue reading

Physical Activity Benefits Nursing-Home Residents with Alzheimer’s

A couple hours a week of moderate activity allowed seniors with Alzheimer’s who were living in a nursing home to boost stamina and better carry out everyday activities than those who did not receive a structured exercise program. Continue reading

More Than 5 Millions Americans Are Living with Alzheimer’s

More than 5 million people in the United States are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, a 10 percent increase over previous estimates from five years ago. Continue reading

Therapy Pets Prove Soothing to People with Alzheimer’s

Therapy Pets Prove Soothing to People with Alzheimer’s Well-trained cats and dogs can be a big comfort for someone with dementia. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Affects a Growing Segment of Elderly Population

An updated review of the most common nervous system disorders in the United States found that 67 out of every 1,000 elderly Americans carries a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease… Continue reading

End-of-Life Caregiving Offers Rewards Despite Demands

More than two thirds of caregivers reported personal benefits. Friends and family who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another fatal illness find end-of-life care rewarding… Continue reading

Ways to Say “Thank You” to a Longtime Caregiver

For an illness like Alzheimer’s, years of caregiving service may call for extra compensation. Continue reading