September 21, 2011 – Newsletter

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Today is World Alzheimer's Day. We are proud of the accomplishments Dr. Greengard and his team of over 50 renowned scientists have made this year, along with the great works of Dr. Reisberg. We are anticipating more outstanding new findings in the coming year. We try to bring you the best expert reviewed news and hope that today you will recognize World Alzheimer's Day with a donation to our research efforts.

Help us make it happen - Donate $10, $35, or $100 now to support our research to end Alzheimer’s.


Your ALZinfo Team

Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
Spinal Tap May Help Detect Alzheimer's Early

A protein found in the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord may help detect Alzheimer's at an early stage...

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PET Scans Help to Identify Alzheimer's Early

Scientists continue to make advances in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, using advanced brain scans and special dyes to detect the ways that the disease damages the brain...

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Even Moderate Exercise Is Good for the Brain

Want to keep the mind and memory humming? A brisk 30-minute daily walk may help to minimize the mental decline of aging and help to ward off dementia...

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