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Dr. Barry Reisberg

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[1]Dr. Barry Reisberg was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Research by the International Conferences on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD) and by the Alzheimer’s Association. He is author of the Clinical Stages of Alzheimer’s, and defined the term Mild Cognitive Impairment. He helps his patients regain basic skills of living to prolong their independence, and ease the burden of caregivers.

See why he thinks memory check-ups are important…

Most patients would not go to their doctors with advance stages of cancer and have hope for a cure. Progressively, the same is true for Alzheimer’s disease. We now know the early warning signs of the disease can begin some 15 years before symptoms of a Mild Cognitive Impairment or when the beginning signs of a dementia surface. If you are experiencing memory complaints, it is more important than ever to have honest conversations with your physician so they can monitor your symptoms and offer treatment therapies if applicable. We often see patients who would gladly talk to their doctors if they felt they were in pain or experiencing other health issues, but conversations about memory are avoided and this is a dangerous mistake.

Click Here for the Clinical Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease [2]

About Dr. Barry Reisberg:

Barry Reisberg, M.D. has directed research over the past three decades which has significantly advanced current understanding and treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD). He was the first to describe many of the most important symptoms of AD and the characteristic clinical course of the disease. His staging tools are presently governmentally mandated measures throughout the U.S., in some Canadian and European provinces, and recommended in Japan.

Dr. Reisberg’s work has been instrumental in the worldwide development of all three major current pharmacological treatment modalities for AD, i.e., glutamatergic antagonist treatment (memantine), treatment for behavioral disturbances in dementia (e.g., risperidone), and in the development and approval of cholinesterase inhibitor treatment (e.g., rivastigmine for mild to moderate dementia and donepezil for severe dementia). For example, Dr. Reisberg was the principal designer and Principal Investigator of the pivotal trial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which resulted in the US and European Union approval of the first treatment for advanced AD, memantine.

Dr. Reisberg and his associates developed the concepts behind and coined the terminology, “mild cognitive impairment,” a now universally recognized entity. His descriptions of an even earlier clinically manifest stage - “subjective cognitive impairment,” are increasingly being recognized as the earliest manifestations of AD in seemingly normal persons. At the other end of the severity spectrum, Dr. Reisberg’s staging procedures have been used in all pivotal worldwide trials of currently approved medications for advanced AD. Dr. Reisberg’s description of the retrogenic neurodevelopmental process in AD and related dementias is also advancing a new science of AD management and providing new insights into AD etiopathogenesis.

Dr. Reisberg has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards for his pioneering research including a Lifetime Achievement Award for Research in Alzheimer’s disease from the major worldwide organizations in the field.

Dr. Reisberg is the Director of the Clinical Core of the US National Institute on Aging (NIH) funded Alzheimer’s Disease Center of the New York University School of Medicine and Clinical Director of the Aging and Dementia Research Center of the NYU School of Medicine. He serves as Professor of Psychiatry at NYU. Dr. Reisberg is the Director of the Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Alzheimer's Disease Education and Resources Program at the NYU School of Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Reisberg is an Adjunct Professor at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, Canada.

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