March 8, 2011 – Newsletter

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Try the new Alzheimer's resource that's earning praise from caregivers.

Discover Steps & Stages, a customizable Alzheimer's resource from For everyone who signs up to receive expert advice by March 15, 2011, will donate $1 to Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation.

Get Your Free Custom Care Guide

Steps & Stages

Developed by a practicing geriatrician, a geriatric psychiatrist, and other Alzheimer's specialists, Steps & Stages offers a free Custom Care Guide, customized e-mail newsletters, and stage support groups. Thousands of families find it to be:

Personalized -- "I've never seen this anywhere else. I can plug in information about my husband's symptoms, and Steps & Stages explains in detail what's happening and why -- plus what I can do about it."

Relevant -- "I can communicate better with doctors, and it gives me actual quotes I can use with my mom, too -- giving me words that are really hard to find myself."

Helpful -- "The tips are helpful, both in letting me know how to take care of my mom and in reminding me to take care of myself."

Supportive -- "It provides the help and support I need to cope with what's happening now and what's coming next."

Get your customized guide here, and Fisher Center will get $1 toward the cure for Alzheimer's!

Know someone else who could benefit from Steps & Stages? Please forward this e-mail to share the news and increase donations to the Fisher Center.