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March 25, 2013 – Newsletter

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We are proud to bring you our latest expert-reviewed e-newsletter.

Read our most recent article on "How Meditation May Help Against Alzheimer's".

Download our spring Preserving Your Memory magazine. This issue features Penny Marshall, from the show Laverne & Shirley, as she chats about her mom and her new book!

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Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
[1] How Meditation May Help Against Alzheimer's

Researchers are finding that meditation may be indirectly useful against Alzheimer’s disease as well...

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[2] Drug Makers Halt Testing of Bapineuzumab for Alzheimer's

Makers of the experimental drug bapineuzumab, which earlier studies suggested might be beneficial in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, announced that they had halted testing of the drug...

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[3] Delirium Spurs Alzheimer’s Decline

Researchers found that people with Alzheimer’s who develop delirium may show an accelerated decline in their memory and thinking skills for at least five years after hospitalization...

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Preserving Your Memory magazine - Spring 2013
Preserving Your Memory Magazine [4]

A Breath of Fresh Air

The days are getting longer, and the weather is just starting to warm up a bit. We hope this issue of Preserving Your Memory has arrived in time to help you celebrate spring.

Our cover story is a chat with writer/director/actor Penny Marshall about her mom and her new book (page 18). We also talked with Maura O’Malley of Lifetime Arts about the innovative MetLife Foundation Creative Aging Libraries Project, which entered its second phase in December 2012 (page 14).

Tom and Karen Brenner have authored a new book detailing their work with

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and it's full of ideas for caregivers seeking to reach their loved ones (page 12). And for those whose loved ones have received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, we look at the importance of getting a second opinion when called for (page 27).

On the research front, we talk to Fisher Center scientist Jean-Pierre Roussarie about his work in Alzheimer’s research (page 11). And we learn about current directions in the search for better Alzheimer’s drug treatments (page 30).

We hope we can help you stay warm and informed in these chilly months!
Betsey Odell

Editor in Chief

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We hope you enjoy our publication.

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