June 10, 2014 – Newsletter

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This Sunday, June 15th, is Father's Day. For the love and dedication of all of the father’s out there, we here at the Fisher Center wish you and yours a heartfelt, “Happy Father's Day!” To make a donation in honor of your father, or grandfather, visit: www.ALZinfo.org/donate.

Please enjoy our latest expert reviewed Alzheimer's News. The first article, “Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis May Lead to Better Care” discusses how people who received Alzheimer’s drugs earlier in the course of their disease, performed better on memory and thinking tests.

Download our latest Preserving Your Memory magazine. This issue features Seth Rogen, a gifted young actor/writer/producer/director, who has put the need for more Alzheimer's research front and center!

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Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis May Lead to Better Care

People with Alzheimer's disease who were given brain scans and diagnosed early in the course of their illness did better than those who got a later diagnosis...

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Growing Evidence Ties Heart Health to Alzheimer’s Risk

Scientists have found further evidence that cardiovascular health is tied to brain health, including the risk for Alzheimer’s disease...

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Poor Sleep May Be Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Lack of sleep or waking up several times during the night may be bad for the brain and may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease...

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Preserving Your Memory magazine
Preserving Your Memory Magazine

Our cover story looks at the career and advocacy of actor/writer/director/producer Seth Rogen (page 18), who along with his wife has been a powerful voice for a greater commitment to Alzheimer’s disease research. On the subject of research, we have news from the Fisher Center laboratory, as explained by Dr. Jean-Pierre Roussarie, a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr. Paul Greengard (page 12).

What is the connection between oral health and Alzheimer’s? We talk with two doctors about what we know now and what the future may hold as we further explore that possible connection (page 16). We also explore the impact Alzheimer’s is having on women, both as patients and caregivers (page 27), and we take a look at whether Alzheimer’s deaths have been underreported—and why (page 10).

What is “shadowing,” and how can you handle it effectively? Find out in our story on page 8. Learn more about how hobbies can help relieve the stress of caregiving (page 14).

We hope you are enjoying your spring, and that you find this issue of Preserving Your Memory to be a positive addition to your season!

Betsey Odell

Editor in Chief

If you have stories of your own you would like to see published, please submit them to: betsey@alzinfo.org.

We hope you enjoy our publication.

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