February 7, 2012 – Newsletter

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Today, we at the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation applaud the Obama administration’s "We Can't Wait initiative to increase NIH spending for Alzheimer’s research. We have seen what the greatest scientific researchers have achieved in areas such as polio, HIV/AIDs and cancers when their scientific discoveries were advanced with the help of government dollars. While this is a good start, Alzheimer’s research is still dramatically underfunded compared to many other diseases that affect far fewer people. The devastating personal and economic impact will affect all of us as the population ages. More government research funding is paramount if we are to reach the goal of eradicating Alzheimer’s disease.  In the meantime, however, this remains a public/private initiative for private foundations like us to make up the research spending deficit.

Please enjoy our expert reviewed Alzheimer’s disease news.


Kent L. Karosen

President & CEO

Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
Cataract Surgery Can Ease Alzheimer’s SymptomsElderly men and women with mild Alzheimer’s disease and cataracts can benefit from cataract surgery...

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New Drug, Gantenerumab, Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer’sAn experimental drug showed early promise in fighting Alzheimer’s. The drug, called gantenerumab, lowered levels of a toxic protein that builds up in the brains of those with the disease...

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The Hospital Problem in Nursing Homes 

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