February 4, 2013 Newsletter

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Wishing all of our readers, a wonderful Valentine’s Day. To show someone you love how much you care, send them an e-card inscribed with your own personal message created just for Valentine’s Day. Click here.

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Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review

What's Good for the Hearts is Good for the Brain

Low-Dose Aspirin May Benefit the BrainDo you take a daily baby aspirin to prevent heart disease? It may be good for your brain as well...

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Three Drugs to Be Tested to Prevent Alzheimer'sScientists have chosen three drugs to be tested as a way to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s in people who are genetically doomed to get the disease at an early age...

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Reducing Clutter May Have Benefits for Alzheimer’sMaking life easier for someone with Alzheimer’s disease may mean making such simple changes as limiting household clutter...

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