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My father, long term alcholic, had dementia that gradually increased from age 78 to 86. My mother had moderate dementia starting at 79 and progressed until 83. She had diabetes Type 2, very high BP and cholesterol. I am 72,had a baseline brain health assessment (normal level)am very active mentally and physically 60 hours weekly in volunteering and developing programs. My health flexibility, and mental acuity are excellent. My BP, osteoporosis, and cholesterol are medication and diet controlled. I take premarin 0.45mg, and many supplements.I have been a vegetarian since birth, exercise: aerobic, flexibility, strength training and resistance 5 hours weekly. I live alone, but have 2 children in other states. For planning purposes I would like to determine to the extent possible my risk for dementia. I havea health care background and am still acctive in policy formulation at tne national level. My father's relaaatives lived until their late 90s and many of my mother's relatives lived into their 80s (My father and mother did not take medications prescribed, had a fatty diet and did not exercise. Would it be helpful for me to have a test for the gene associated with later life alzheimers for planning purposes.
Thank you for your advice.
Mary Suther
Answer :
Dear Mary,

You do not sound like a likely candidate. Your father's dementia may have been related to a history of long term alcohol abuse. You are following all the lifestyles for a healthy and productive older age. If you are interested, however, in testing for ApoE4 to see if you inherited a risk factor (and only a risk factor), then there is a company called Smart Genetics that can do it. They were featured in an article in the March 30 edition of Parade magazine. Below, I am attaching the link to their site and to the Parade article for you to review.

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