Question :
do alz heimers patients get mean and dangerous
Answer :
Many people with Alzheimer's undergo dramatic personality changes. They accuse people of stealing from them, lying and become threatening at times. Quite often this is due to the inability by both the person and the caregiver to communicate properly. I suggest you go to the site and under Understanding Alzheimer's, you'll find Clinical Stages of Alzheimer's. Read this. I also suggest that you read Naomi Feil's "Validation Method" that deals with handling negative behaviors. Above all, if the person becomes truly violent and is a threat to him/herself or to another, you should contact the authorities. You can get the contact info for Adult Protective Services from your local area agency on aging which you can find also on the website under Alzheimer's Resources. Click on Resource Locator and enter your location to find the neareast one for you.

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