Question :
How do you stop feeling so soooooorrry for your loved ones who have this devasting termianl illness. Whenever, I visit and always give my Mom a great big hug and tell her how much I love her and miss her and she replied the other day "if only you know how my heart breaks for you and my life has changed and I know I'm dying"...I try to hard to hold back the tears....can someone tell me how you kept strong for your loved one and conrolled your emotions (I'm very sentimental..can you imagine I cried when I hear sad music, when someone is hurt, I never break a promise to my mom when I say I will be there I always am there and will be her greatest advocate...but I need to know how to survice and be strong for her). Your advice in this matter is very much appreciated. Thank you!!!
Answer :
Visit our new site, We have chatrooms and bulletin boards that will allow you to ask others how they have handled this situation.

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