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Alzheimer's Treatment
What particular part of the brain does Alzheimer's effect?
Is Alzheimer's hereditary?
How do I find out more about existing clinical trials?
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I care for an elderly parent who has Alzheimer's disease. She is stubborn and does not co-operate with me, but those who stay with her when I am at work say she is sweet. She knows my voice, so I think she resents me taking charge. Please Help!
I am having a lot of trouble being a caregiver for my husband. Am I alone in having these feelings?
Is there a place to go to find services in my area?
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Alzheimer's Awareness
Please could you tell me when Alzheimerís awareness month is?
Please could yu tell me more about Alzheimers Tax. Many thanks Lynne White
My grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia and is imagining things that are not there (i.e., kids playing outside in the yard and she wants to make them a snack). My parents don't know whether or not they should go along with her imaginations or tell her they are not real?! They aren't sure which would be the most harmful to her and she is also easily aggitated?
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Ask the Experts
Does the disease get worse with time?
My father, long term alcholic, had dementia that gradually increased from age 78 to 86. My mother had moderate dementia starting at 79 and progressed until 83. She had diabetes Type 2, very high BP and cholesterol. I am 72,had a baseline brain health assessment (normal level)am very active mentally and physically 60 hours weekly in volunteering and developing programs. My health flexibility, and mental acuity are excellent. My BP, osteoporosis, and cholesterol are medication and diet controlled. I take premarin 0.45mg, and many supplements.I have been a vegetarian since birth, exercise: aerobic, flexibility, strength training and resistance 5 hours weekly. I live alone, but have 2 children in other states. For planning purposes I would like to determine to the extent possible my risk for dementia. I havea health care background and am still acctive in policy formulation at tne national level. My father's relaaatives lived until their late 90s and many of my mother's relatives lived into their 80s (My father and mother did not take medications prescribed, had a fatty diet and did not exercise. Would it be helpful for me to have a test for the gene associated with later life alzheimers for planning purposes. Thank you for your advice. Mary Suther Thank
Can a person 26 years of age get infected by Alzheimer's?
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Online Community
How can I join a support group for people in my situation?
How do you stop feeling so soooooorrry for your loved ones who have this devasting termianl illness. Whenever, I visit and always give my Mom a great big hug and tell her how much I love her and miss her and she replied the other day "if only you know how my heart breaks for you and my life has changed and I know I'm dying"...I try to hard to hold back the tears....can someone tell me how you kept strong for your loved one and conrolled your emotions (I'm very sentimental..can you imagine I cried when I hear sad music, when someone is hurt, I never break a promise to my mom when I say I will be there I always am there and will be her greatest advocate...but I need to know how to survice and be strong for her). Your advice in this matter is very much appreciated. Thank you!!!
How can I change my icon in the chatroom?
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Attorney Info
How do I find a good Elder Law Attorney in my area?
We have a durable power of attorney for our uncle, who has deteriorated to the point of not being able to make decisions, do we now need a guardianship?
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About the Fisher Center Foundation and
Who manages the foundation?
Do I have to be a member of to donate money to Alzheimer's research?
I am a 69 yrs.old female ,college graduated (MA), in excellent health. I feel that my mind is not as sharp as before. I would like to participate on an Alzheimer research. "Be a Guinea Pig". I believe that because my education and working as an excecutive for many years i could contribute to the study. Measure how my brain is deteriorating. Please direct me to the proper source.
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I wondered if you could tell me what your annual budget is, and where it comes from.
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Technical Difficulty
I canít seem to reach you via email is there a number I can call?
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Privacy and Security
I ordered a brochure - will my name be put on any other mailing lists?
Is it safe to donate money online?
I met someone in the chat room, but forgot to get their contact information; can you help me to get in touch?
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How do I apply for a volunteer position?
What kind of fundraising events do you hold?
do alz heimers patients get mean and dangerous
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