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Alzheimer's Treatment

What particular part of the brain does Alzheimer's effect?
Is Alzheimer's hereditary?
How do I find out more about existing clinical trials?
My loved one has Alzheimer's do I need a neurologist?
How is alzheimer's diagnosed? Is there some kind of testing and is Aricept a viable option for the early stages of this disease? Where and to who in the Dayton, Ohio area can I take my mom to be tested, etc.? I want a female doctor if possible.
My Husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. His walking is
not good. Is this also part of this disease?
what tests confirm you have alzheimers
My Grandmother is about to undergo tests for Dementia/Alzheimers. We are all very worried that she will refuse any form of treatment of medication once diagnosed. What are our options from here please?
my mother has alzheimers and is progressing fast,,she is 67 and my father is 72,,,they have medicare,,,will it pay for someone to come to thier home a couples hrs a day to help them
Nursing Homes that specialize in Alzheimer's care and accept Medicare/Medicaid in the Conroe/Woodlands/Tomball area.
is vitamin E is not given in this disease ? if yes then why?
if you are taking aricept, is namenda also necessary. I ask this since both meds are expensive and put us into the donut hole for 5 months..also are there any new meds available or coming out in the near future
Can diet and exercise ward off Alzheimer's Disease? I am hearing alot about the Mediterranean diet and the spice ,turmeric, being very effective. What are your thoughts, findings?
Hi. I need a name of a neurologist around pretoria or Kempton PArk who we can take a friends mom to. We suspect Alzheimers?
what is the latest alzheimer's treatments?
Wouldnt it be Vitamin B deficiency that is the contributing factor seeins how Vitamin B are the cholinesterase building blocks and acetycholine is what is broken down by the tau in the progression of Alzheimers disease?
does the fishewr institute for alzheimers due clinical trials for patients also where are you located

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