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What is a trust? A trust is basically an agreement that is made during your lifetime between you (the grantor or trustor) and a trustee, which can be either an individual or an entity such as a bank. The trust … Continue reading


What is a will? A will is a legal document that becomes effective only upon the death of the person who created the will. The will specifies the beneficiaries and what share of the estate each will receive. The executor … Continue reading

Estate Planning

What is estate planning? Estate planning includes designing a plan that provides for your needs during your lifetime and for the disposition of assets upon your death. The lifetime planning issues to be addressed may include: (1) financial planning to … Continue reading


When is guardianship necessary? If an individual is incompetent and has not designated an agent to act on his or her behalf by executing a General Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy, it may become necessary to file … Continue reading

Power of Attorney

What is a General Durable Power of Attorney? A General Durable Power of Attorney is a written document in which you authorize someone to act on your behalf. A General Power of Attorney allows the individual to make financial decisions … Continue reading

Advance Directives

What are advanced directives? Though most people have a clear idea in their heads about how they want to be treated when the end finally comes, only about a quarter of Americans have these ideas written down.  “Advance directives” is … Continue reading

Elder Law Attorneys

What is an Elder Law Attorney? Elder law attorneys focus on the special legal needs of older persons and persons with disability to protect their autonomy, quality of life and financial security as they age. Most elder law attorneys do … Continue reading

Diet, Exercise & Health

How can overall health and well-being be maintained in a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease? It’s important for the person with Alzheimer’s to be under the continual supervision of a qualified medical doctor in order to stay in the best … Continue reading

Therapeutic Activities

How can therapeutic activities help manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s? Planning structured, individualized activities that involve and interest the person with Alzheimer’s may reduce many of the more disturbing behavioral symptoms of AD, such as agitation, anger, frustration, depression, wandering … Continue reading

Communicating with someone who has Alzheimer’s

How can I communicate better with my loved one who has Alzheimer’s? Learning about Alzheimer’s, how it progresses and how it is managed is critical to understanding how best to interact and communicate with a person who has Alzheimer’s disease. … Continue reading