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10 Tips for Traveling with Your Loved One

1. Bring along an identification tag that your companion can wear around his or her neck. In addition, register him or her with the safe return program in your area. 2. Keep things as familiar as possible. For example, keep … Continue reading

Cash Settlements and Supplemental Income

What can I do if I need cash to pay for expenses? People with life-threatening illnesses like Alzheimer’s sometimes find themselves needing immediate cash income to pay for their medical care or basic needs. There are several ways to do … Continue reading

Are there other treatments for Cognitive Decline?

Are there other treatments for Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer’s disease? Strong evidence indicates that vitamin E, taken at a dosage of 1,000 I.U. twice a day, may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s in some people, although the overall impact is … Continue reading

Paying For Healthcare

Many financial issues arise when you are responsible for a loved one’s care. These may be new to you and can often be confusing. In this section, we will provide you with information that will help you understand your options … Continue reading

Bereavement and Grief

People cope with the loss of a loved one in many different ways. For some, the experience may lead to personal growth, even though it is a difficult and trying time. There is no right or wrong way to cope … Continue reading

Funeral Planning

The Benefits of Pre-planning: Peace of mind is the number one reason that most people choose to pre-plan. There are also many other benefits you may want to consider: more time and a clearer perspective, receiving family input, avoiding family … Continue reading

Retirement Plans

If retirement plan accounts (e.g., 401k, IRA) are left at your death to anyone other than a surviving U.S. citizen spouse, such accounts are subject to both income and estate taxes (if left to a surviving U.S. citizen spouse then … Continue reading


A bequest is a gift included in a Will that takes effect at death. You may make a bequest to nonprofit organizations like the Fisher Center by either executing a new will or amending an already existing will. As with … Continue reading

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust allows you to gift an interest in property to non-charitable beneficiaries (e.g., children, grandchildren, yourself) for a certain number of years while leaving the remaining assets to nonprofit organizations, like the Fisher Center. To create such … Continue reading

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust allows you to donate to nonprofit organizations, like the Fisher Center, for a certain number of years, while leaving the remaining assets to individuals designated by you. To create such a trust during your life, you … Continue reading