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In Search of an Alzheimer’s Cure

By Toby Bilanow With over 5.3 million Americans currently suffering from Alzheimer’s, an effective treatment is needed more than ever. In Search of an Alzheimer’s Cure A cure for Alzheimer’s disease remains a holy grail for a growing number of … Continue reading

Which Proteins Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

By: Beta-amyloid is believed to cause most of the degenerative brain changes underlying Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists at the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research at The Rockefeller University have been pursing which types of beta-amyloid protein may be responsible for … Continue reading

Visualizing Alzheimer’s

By Toby Bilanow For centuries, scientists had few clues about the inner workings of the brain. The three pounds of nerve tissue that give us our thoughts and memories remained stubbornly out of reach. But all that is changing rapidly. … Continue reading