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The Long Hello-The Other Side of Alzheimer’s

-an excerpt For information on Cathie’s books see: www.cathieborrie.com For lunch I make fruit salad and cottage cheese and one piece of whole-wheat toast. I  stand at my mother’s kitchen window cutting up fruit and look out at the day. … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s and the Holidays

The activity and festivities of the holiday season pose special challenges for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease. The hurried pace can be trying at times for just about anyone, but for someone coping with Alzheimer’s disease, the change in routine … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s crafts

My Mom is in a nursing home. Physically she is fine but her short term memory is poor. A visit with my Mom consisted of answering: How have you been? 5 times. What have you been doing? 8 times. Where … Continue reading

Saying “Hello” to a Changing Mind

The Long Hello – The Other Side of Alzheimer’s (excerpt): Every day I sit with my mother and watch the sea.  There’s a row of birds perched on an errant log—cormorant, cormorant, seagull, heron. Crow. Cathie, sometimes I drift off … Continue reading

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