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About Mike Opperman

My Dad was always my hero, always larger than life in many ways. He now is not anything close to that person, thanks to Alzheimers. As each month and year passes, I find myself not being able to remember what he was like. This blog serves as a way for my family and me – and hopefully others - to cope with his progression “into the fog”, and also helps us relive the kind of person my Dad really was.

Dad is a Pioneer

Last week was a very special week for my family. My Dad was honored by the National Dairy Shrine as a dairy industry Pioneer.  The National Dairy Shrine is a sort of hall of fame for the dairy industry. The organization honors … Continue reading

Can you answer the ice cream, please?

Up to now I’ve posted all sad, depressing material. With this post I’ve decided to add one of the more lighter moments that Mom experienced as part of Dad’s Alzheimer’s. A couple of years ago, when Mom and Dad were … Continue reading

Took Dad to a Home Today

Mom finally realized that it was time. For more than a year we have talked to Mom about putting Dad into a nursing home, because at 88 years old, she was no longer able to take care of Dad and … Continue reading

A Long, Slow Walk Into the Fog

So how did Dad get this way? As far as we can tell Dad’s memory started to slip right after he finishedBye George. It was fairly subtle at first, forgetting where he put things, not remembering something in his past, … Continue reading

Bye George

Dad was always a great writer. I hope to think that I inherited some of those characteristics. He always wrote in a conversational style. I remember him telling me that you should write like you’re sitting at a table across … Continue reading

Yes, I Hate Alzheimers

I hate Alzheimers. I’m not suffering from the disease directly, but my father, who turned 90 in August, is in the late stages. Unfortunately it runs in my family. My grandmother had it. My maternal great grandfather had it. It appears that … Continue reading

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