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About Emily Gillespie Clement

Emily is a writer and language enthusiast who wishes she were more of a polymath, or at least as skilled as Data from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Her husband Jeff is a former hardware man and architectural rehabber who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007. They raised three daughters and a son near Annapolis, Maryland, where Emily currently cares for Jeff, blogs, and is working on a fourth children’s book.

Separation Anxiety

I am, in fact, sitting in Atlanta Bread. I didn’t think this would end up being the case when my sister-in-law asked where I would spend my away-from-home writing time on days when I leave Jeff home with a professional … Continue reading

Keeping it Normal

It was in Jeff’s old workplace, the family hardware business, that I ran into a long-time almost-friend. (One of those people you encounter periodically enough that you know you’d be friends if your paths just merged more.) She chatted with … Continue reading

Are you an Alzheimer Spouse?

You might remember a time when you’d wake up in the morning and say “aah…” The day was looking pretty good, and you were more or less (depending on the day) ready for it. Sure, some days were a hassle, … Continue reading

Drumroll, Rimshot…very funny

I am well aware that in the gamut of behaviors exhibited by Alzheimer’s patients, there are problems vastly worse than the silliness that I contend with on a daily basis. Although minor snits occur, anger, temper, and aggression are largely … Continue reading


Have you ever seen one of those “novels” which are written for high-school students with the aim of prepping them for their verbal SATs? I’ve seen them, but I would avoid them assiduously on the (possibly misguided) assumption that any … Continue reading

A Moving Deliberation

A daughter—the one who tends to be around the most regularly—is giving some serious thought to flying the coop. Though she’s voiced a bit of the inner battle with herself (be a grown-up? put it off? pay rent? not pay … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

It is one of my special idiosyncrasies that I am so anxious to have an inkling of what will happen next that I’d rather guess than leave the page totally blank. Of course, with Alzheimer’s and its ilk, nobody knows … Continue reading

Stowing the roll-aboard, for now

I am not apt to take Jeff on a cross-country train again. I am not apt to take him anywhere that involves modes of transportation which are not a car. I am struggling to append the expected “why not” explanation … Continue reading

We’ll Always Have Seattle

Jeff is standing on the front porch. He likes to go outside when the weather is nice. Not that there’s anything extraordinarily pleasing about our yard—in fact, as the lowest lying lawn on the street, it’s something of a mud-pit—but … Continue reading

The Sidecar

I’ve just returned from a week-long trip with Jeff and my mom, and that was slated to be the subject of this post: Traveling with one’s AD spouse. But the topic will have to wait in the Amtrak lounge until … Continue reading

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