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August 24, 2011 – Newsletter

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We are proud to bring you our latest expert-reviewed e-newsletter.

Read our most recent article on "What you Should Know About Testing for Alzheimer's Disease".

Our scientists are making significant progress toward alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and eradicating the disease.

Download our summer Preserving Your Memory magazine. This issue features a cover story on a fond look back at the career of Peter Falk, the late actor who was best known as the rumpled, cagey TV detective, Columbo.


Your ALZinfo Team

Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
[1] What you Should Know About Testing for Alzheimer's Disease
– New Guidelines

Many people worry about getting Alzheimer's, particularly if a parent or sibling suffers from the disease. But is it a good idea to get a genetic test to see if you carry genes that increase your risk for the disease?

Click Here To View This Article >> [1]

[2] Brain Scans Move Closer to Diagnosing Alzheimer's Early

Two new studies show how scientists are increasingly using brain scans to diagnose Alzheimer's at an early stage, years before symptoms like memory loss and difficulty in thinking become evident...

Click Here To View This Article >> [2]

[3] High Doses of Alzheimer's Drug Should Be Avoided, Advocacy Group Says

High doses of the Alzheimer's drug Aricept should be avoided by some Alzheimer's patients because of the risk of potentially serious side effects...

Click Here To View This Article >> [3]

Preserving Your Memory magazine - Summer 2011
Preserving Your Memory Magazine [4]

It’s that time of year … hot days and warm nights, occasionally punctuated by a refreshing breeze. We hope this issue of Preserving Your Memory refreshes you in the midst of the summer heat.

We kick off this issue with some travel tips for getting about with your loved one with Alzheimer’s (page 8). We also show you how to get the most out of the Internet for health information (page 10). And learn about a recent change to Social Security’s Compassionate Allowance program that will benefit those with early-onset Alzheimer’s (page 32).

It’s a great time for barbecue, and we get some good pointers for grilling vegetables for a healthy addition to any meal (page 24). And we keep good health in mind as we look at the importance of strength training for older adults (page 22).

This issue’s cover story is a fond look back at the career of Peter Falk, the late actor who was best known as the rumpled, cagey TV detective, Columbo (page 18).

We hope your summer is a healthy and happy season!

Betsey Odell

Editor in Chief

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We hope you enjoy our publication.

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Summer Campaign - Fund F.A.S.T.

We are donating 100% of the money raised this summer to Alzheimer's Research

We are Alzheimer’s Research

Our Campaign:

We are excited to announce the start of Fisher Center’s summer campaign, FUND F.A.S.T.  For the third summer in a row, we are committing 100% of all donations to research from now until September 1st.


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