April 23, 2014 – Newsletter

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Please enjoy our latest expert reviewed Alzheimer’s News.

The first article, “Why Women May Be More Likely to Get Alzheimer’s” discusses why women may be more likely to get Alzheimer’s, not only due to age, but also genetically.

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Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
Why Women May Be More Likely to Get Alzheimer’s

More women than men get Alzheimer’s disease, in part because women tend to live longer than men and the chances of developing Alzheimer’s increases with age. But new research suggests there may be genetic reasons as well...

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Government to Support Study of Alzheimer’s Prevention

New funding from the National Institutes of Health will be aimed at looking at promising drugs for the prevention of Alzheimer’s and novel ways to treat the disease...

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Alzheimer’s and the Hygiene Hypothesis

Can all our efforts at cleanliness and fighting germs be contributing to the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s...

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